Future Educational Spaces
The world rapidly changes, just like the methods of learning. Personalised learning, problem-based learning, blended learning are some of the approaches to new ways of learning. Because of the covid pandemic, online education has become mainstream rather than optional. How can an educational building adapt to these differrent ways and be flexible to the future ways of learning?

On a larger scale, we look at the university campus and its important role in the city fabric not only for the development of human capital but also as a significant research and economical centre. How does a university campus evolve in time?
Who will teach you?
Pascale Leistra
VMX architects
Pascale Leistra is an architect, researcher, educator and business strategist. As an architect, she worked at Atelier PRO on numerous educational projects, such as school buildings community-, sports- and cultural centres. One of her exemplary projects is Letovo School Campus in Moscow, which has been awarded Best Moscow School Architecture Award 2016. Based on her passion for heritage she has built up solid experience in transformation and renovation. Changing times require new answers and solutions. At VMX architects, Pascale continues working on context, program and clients' ambition with a strong sustainable motivation. Working in an international team in which people inspire each other, her aim is to create healthy and happy environments.
Polina Maltseva
Dobrograd city
Polina Maltseva is currently leading social infrastructure projects for a newly created city in Russia called Dobrograd, including the opening of the first school and kindergarten there this fall. She is also a founder and CEO of an online school for parents that provides courses on educational best practices. Also, Maltseva serves as a consultant for other projects in offline and online education for K-12. Previously she was the COO of the Letovo School leading the creation of the top-performing boarding school in Russia. She also worked on projects for San Francisco Unified School District. And before that held a consultant position at the top global consulting firm, McKinsey&Company. She is a graduate of Higher School of Economics, London School of Economics, and Harvard Business School (MBA). She created one of the largest student organisations in Russia focused on business education (Case Club) as well as the McKinsey Business Diving case championship with more than 2000 participants.