Future Educational Spaces
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The lecture takes place on Thu 11 Nov 2021 at 19:00 MSK
Who will teach you?
Pascale Leistra
In 1995, Pascale graduated from Delft University of Technology. Since 1997, she has been working as a designer at Atelier PRO and since 2004 she operates as an architect project leader.

Over the years, she has been working on Atelier PRO's various projects, many of which deal with new or renovated "knowledge and learning" places - universities, schools, and libraries. One of them is Letovo Education Hub in New Moscow.
Polina Maltseva
Polina Maltseva is a graduate of Higher School of Economics, London School of Economics, and Harvard Business School. She created one of the largest student organisations in Russia focused on business education (Case Club) as well as the McKinsey Business Diving case championship with more than 2000 participants. She was the COO of the Letovo School leading the creation of the top-performing boarding school in Russia. She was the head of Social Infrastructure of Dobrograd City. Also, Maltseva serves as a consultant for other projects in offline and online education for K-12. Apart from that, she is the founder and CEO of an online school for parents that provides courses on educational best practices and worked on projects for San Francisco Unified School District.