Introduction to
Dutch design & architecture
The Netherlands is one of today's most important centres of innovation and experimentation in architecture, urban planning, industrial design, and graphic design. In this talk, Annemartine van Kesteren reflects on what is meant by the term of Dutch Design and what it is inspired by, based on her more than 20-year experience in the Dutch design.

Furthermore, times change rapidly. By 2050, 2/3 of the world population will live in cities. Climate change, environmental protection, social needs on education, health for everyone, inclusiveness, and the recent COVID pandemic call for action by all countries, as the UN stresses. How do designers on all disciplines and all scale levels comment to this call?
Who will teach you?
Janette Verrijzer
Cultural Attache, NL Embassy
Before joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Janette Verrijzer was trained as a slavist, a historian, and a journalist. She worked there in widely varying functions, ranging from economic to security issues and from political work to public diplomacy. Currently, she is the head of the Cultural Department in the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow.

Design is one of the focus areas of the work of the department. After all, design in all forms is essential to solve the problems of today and design the world of tomorrow.
Annemartine van Kesteren
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Annemartine van Kesteren is a curator, design consultant and writer based in Rotterdam. She is part of the curatorial staff of the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum where she is responsible for the collection of contemporary design. She curated groundbreaking exhibitions as Change the System (2017) and Boijmans drivethru (2020) and collaborated with many Dutch designers. Trained as an Industrial Design engineer, for several years she worked for the global strategic design team of Philips Design and developed products and creative strategies for clients in Europe, Asia and America. She regularly teaches and is frequently asked for expert reviews. Her daily activities range from strategy development, creative direction, curating, and writing.
Picture taken by Fred Ernst