Meet our experts
Janette Verrijzer
Cultural attache, Dutch embassy
Before joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Janette Verrijzer was trained as a slavist, a historian, and a journalist. She worked there in widely varying functions, ranging from economic to security issues and from political work to public diplomacy. Currently, she is the head of the Cultural Department in the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow.

Design is one of the focus areas of the work of the department. After all, design in all forms is essential to solve the problems of today and design the world of tomorrow.
Pascale Leistra
In 1995, Pascale graduated from Delft University of Technology. Since 1997, she has been working as a designer at Atelier PRO and since 2004 she operates as an architect project leader.

Over the years, she has been working on Atelier PRO's various projects, many of which deal with new or renovated "knowledge and learning" places - universities, schools, and libraries. One of them is Letovo Education Hub in New Moscow.
Annemartine van Kesteren
Stefan Al
Stefan Al Architects
Stefan Al is an architect, urban designer, researcher, and educator. He has worked on some of the world's largest structures, including the 2000-feet tall Canton Tower. He served as a professor at various institutions such as Virginia Tech, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, he was invited to be a TED Resident and advisor to various city governments, including Hong Kong. In addition to his work as a designer, he has published eight books that explore the pressing design challenges in cities. They have been widely acclaimed including by the Wall Street Journal, Architectural Record, The Times and NPR.
Marjan van Aubel
Marjan van Aubel Studio
Marian Stuiver
Wageningen University
Marian Stuiver is a PhD in Agricultural Sciences at Wageningen University and Research Centre. She is a programme leader in Green Cities. Dr Stuiver is developing consortia on topics such as sustainable business, climate change and nature in the city. Marian is a recognised global expert on strategic visioning, science for impact, ethics and governance. She is developing methodologies to connect entrepreneurs, organizations and policymakers from different backgrounds and cultures for a common goal.
Bob Hendrikx
Studio Hendrikx
Bob Hendrikx is an inventor, architect and biodesigner. He is the founder and inventor of the living coffin that turns humans into compost. His other works include growing the world's first living home at the Dutch Design Week and buying a broken-down Detroit home for $1000 to make sustainable housing accessible for all. Bob has been chosen as human of the year 2020 by VICE Media. His ambition is to empower and inspire people towards a living future by turning science-fiction into reality.
Polina Maltseva
Polina Maltseva is currently leading social infrastructure projects for the fastest-growing real estate company in Russia - A101 DEVELOPMENT, including the signature project on the creation of the high school for talented students in Moscow. Previously held a consultant position at the top global consulting firm, McKinsey&Company. She is a graduate of Higher School of Economics, London School of Economics, and Harvard Business School. She created one of the largest student organisations in Russia focused on business education (Case Club) as well as the McKinsey Business Diving case championship with more than 2000 participants. She was the COO of the Letovo School leading the creation of the top-performing boarding school in Russia. She was the head of Social Infrastructure of Dobrograd City. Also, Maltseva serves as a consultant for other projects in offline and online education for K-12. Apart from that, she is the founder and CEO of an online school for parents that provides courses on educational best practices and worked on projects for San Francisco Unified School District.
Petr Kudryavtsev
Petr Kudryavtsev is an urbanist and sociologist, a co-owner of Building Media Group, and a partner at Citymakers. In the past years, he worked as publisher and editor-in-chief for ARX professional journal in architecture and cooperated with other specialists to have founded the Territorial Development Institute (TDI), which designed 20+ major urban construction projects for Moscow and various regions of Russian, created the Friends of Zaryadye public movement. Since 2012, he has served as a partner in Citymakers Bureau, which specialises in socio-cultural programming, creation of concepts for the development of urban districts and public spaces, as well as educational projects. Kudryavtsev has authored more than a hundred papers in leading architectural publications and served as an official representative of the World Architecture Festival in Russia, and a member of the Festival's judge panel.
Nabi Agzamov
Strelka KB
At Strelka KB, Nabi works on creating a more sustainable and resilient urban environment, by strengthening the relationship between water, ecology and cities.
He worked at an urban design and landscape architecture firm SCAPE (New York, NY), there, among other projects, he participated in the design of the "Ecological Citizens" exhibition for the US Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Architettura (2018).
Nabi holds a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, a Bachelor from New York Institute of Technology, and is an alumnus of The New Normal postgraduate program at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.